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The principle of selection of auto parts

  In the choice of materials, the first according to the type of car stamping and the use of characteristics, to choose a different mechanical properties of metal materials, in order to achieve both to ensure product quality, but also to save the purpose of the material. 
  Usually in the choice of automotive stamping materials should follow the following principles: 
  1, the selected material should first meet the performance requirements of automotive parts; 
  2, the selected material to have a better process performance; 
  3, the selected material to have more Good economy. 
  Automotive stamping parts used in the production of a large number of cold stamping process for automotive stamping parts of the industrial multi-species, mass production needs. In medium and heavy vehicles, most of the cover, such as the body outside the board, and some load-bearing and support such as frames, cars and other auto parts are car stamping parts. For cold stamping steel is mainly steel and steel, accounting for 72.6% of vehicle steel consumption, cold stamping materials and automotive stamping parts of the relationship is very close, the material is not only determine the quality of the product performance, more directly affect the The process design of the automobile stamping part process affects the quality, cost, service life and production organization of the product, so it is an important and complicated work to choose the material rationally.
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