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The development of mould industry in China

At this stage, China's mould industry is rising and hinder the coexistence of the period, how to grasp the opportunity to rise, and how to avoid or solve the development of obstacles is the future of China's mould industry's top priority.
As we all know, the market can better develop the most direct expression of the industry trend of good and bad. At present, with all aspects of improvement and improvement of China's mould industry has been on track, and is moving to a higher direction, recently, from the relevant experts learned that the current difficulties facing the mould mainly in the following areas.
1, the international economy is still in the doldrums, the domestic manufacturing industry which generated oversupply is not conducive to the status of market development. Because the overall demand from the country point of view, the current demand for the mould industry and did not produce so much. Secondly, with the material prices soaring and the cost of labor workers increased, the mould production costs are also rising. At the same time, the industry tax is also consistent with the heavy mould industry is making the reasons for the development of unpleasant.
2, the poor competition between enterprises is also growing year by year, because the competition makes the quality of the mould how much decline, in addition, the quality of the model compared to the past, more model quality can only be considered at least too low With the above reasons, so the loss of enterprises are increasing year by year.
3, mould market designers on the requirements of the model is very high, but the current high level of talent on the market is very scarce.
Although the current market situation is not optimistic, but there is still a turn for the better. Since the beginning of the global financial crisis to the present, according to the global mould industry, key enterprises than the general business situation, the China Association revised the relevant assessment rules. Improve the assessment criteria. At the same time, China's co-model also released 133 mould industry in the relatively high status of enterprises to attract a moderate level of enterprises to follow suit.
In addition to the above situation, if you want to get the greatest development in the mould industry, then the production of products must meet the following three: do special, so fine, and stronger, not only for the mould industry enterprises, also applies to A variety of industries in the production of its products to follow the highest purpose.
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