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The failure mode of die - casting mould

Die-casting mold specific failure performance methods are: cracking, friction, corrosion and so on. The main factors that have come to these consequences are: material design problems, production applications, and maintenance problems.
The material itself is not enough to complete the place
we all know that the use of die-casting mold conditions are very bad. We give an example, aluminum in the equilibrium temperature is about 600 ℃, in use, the liquid temperature of about 700 ℃. In the case of no preheating production, the temperature of the cavity part from the room temperature directly to the liquid temperature, its body surface will accept a lot of force. Mold body manufacturing, the body to bear the force is very large. After thousands of die-casting, die-casting mold surface will appear fine cracks.
So you can judge, die-casting mold in the production of the basic factors required: alternating hot and cold. Material to choose a product with heat resistance and cold resistance. In the production of materials, no matter from which point of view, must be consistent with the requirements of the provisions. To ensure that die-casting mold under certain conditions to play the longest use of time. Therefore, there is no production before it is necessary to make a comprehensive inspection of the material to avoid those imperfect materials affect the overall performance of die-casting mold, so that the loss of manpower and material resources.
Because die-casting mold production time is relatively long, the manpower and material resources are also high, and the accuracy of certain requirements, the overall cost is very high down. This requires mold application time to be longer. But a lot of material, technology and other reasons, may die mold die loss and slowly abandoned, resulting in unnecessary waste.
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